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  • Q1.Is Career Curve a licensed educational consultancy firm?

    Yes, Career Curve is a registered Bangladeshi company holding trade license no: 05-49332.

  • Q2.What is Career Curve’s approach to helping students choose the right career path?

    Career Curve provides personalized counseling to parents and students, ensuring they make informed decisions about their educational and career pursuits.

  • Q3.Is IELTS necessary for higher studies abroad?

    It depends on the destination country. While it’s mandatory for countries like Australia, USA, UK, and others, some countries like China, Malaysia, India may exempt you. Visit our office for ...

  • Q4.Can I study abroad without taking the IELTS?

    Yes, there are several countries where you can pursue higher education without IELTS. Come for a free consultation with our career experts.

  • Q5.How long does it take to process a student visa?

    Processing time varies by country and university. Generally, it takes 2 to 8 weeks.

  • Q6.Is Career Curve’s assistance limited to educational consultancy?

    No, Career Curve also offers immigration consultancy services, work visa services and conducts career development training to cater to diverse needs.

  • Q7.Can I get a scholarship if I apply through Career Curve?

    Yes, we have collaborations with renowned universities, and based on your academic results, you can qualify for scholarships ranging from 20% to 100%.

  • Q8.Do I need to pay the total tuition fee before getting a visa?

    No, you’ll pay the tuition fee after successfully obtaining your visa.

  • Q9.What is your service charge?

    We don’t charge any service fees. You’ll only pay the application fee for specific universities.

  • Q10.What if my visa application is rejected?

    No worries, you won’t need to pay the tuition fee before securing the visa.

  • Q11.What sets Career Curve apart from other educational consultancy firms?

    Career Curve distinguishes itself by its commitment to client satisfaction, offering personalized assessments to ensure each client is well-prepared for their academic journey.